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Units can involve themselves in skill development for manpower needs, government will also help: CM Yogi

Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath virtually inaugurated a large manufacturing plant of Berger Paints at Sandila, Hardoi on the eve of Holi. He launched the unit by pressing a button from his official residence at 5 Kalidas Marg. At this time, he requested various companies that are funded in the state to start their factories as well as to start the Skill Development Center for the local youth. He said, I am sure that these units will not only expand themselves but will also work to run an excellent program of developing the skills of the local youth. Now is the time that we can also connect our unit with the development of skills and remember the needs of workers for the future by connecting local organizations with the industry. Recently our government gave Tata Technologies Ltd. The MoU has been extended to 150 ITIs and in them we will provide training to 35 thousand youth every year. Their skills development program will be taken forward with New Age Trades. TTL has also confirmed their compatibility with its affiliates. He will be with the state government under this program for the next ten years. I want at least one skill development center to be established through you in Hardoi, Sandila, then the Industrial Development Department or UPCIDA will work together on this. With this situation, not only will the young people of the country be connected to this development of skills and a good attitude, but from time to time our members of the country will also help in expanding the development and innovation of other areas through this center.

UP towards the new era of business investment

Starting his speech, CM Yogi said on the eve of Holi, the investment of more than one thousand crores on the ground shows a new revolution in business in UP. This time is also important to me because when Berger Paints decided to move forward with this new unit, the whole world has seen this disease while fighting the biggest threat of this century, Corona. But when there is a challenge, there are also opportunities. In the midst of those challenges, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development tried to create an opportunity in Sandila and as a result, this new unit of Berger Paints has been put on the ground with an investment approval of one thousand crores and we are moving into a new era. of investment. We all know that Berger Paint has achieved in a very short time (only 30 months) through its largest investment in the state, it was not easy. It also reflects a new industrial environment in UP where UP is emerging as the largest business investment center in the country. country today.

Today UP has no choice, there are policies

Pointing out that investments are being made in all parts of the state, the CM said that first whenever we talk about investments, we think that it means the NCR region. Noida, Greater Noida, Yamuna Authority and Ghaziabad in the worst. Before 2017, the challenge before us is what to do to remove the regional economic stagnation. Investments can reach Lucknow in a big way. Apart from this, there is no fifth position where one can go ahead with a lot of money. But the Global Investors Summit has broken all these stories. Financial requests of Rs 35 lakh crore have been received by the state, requests of Rs 10 lakh crore have been received by Eastern Uttar Pradesh, requests of Rs 4.29 lakh crore have been received by Bundelkhand region, investment is available for everyone. 75 districts. Uttar Pradesh is recognized nationally and globally as one of the best investment destinations in the country. Team UP must work for this. Demonstrations had to be made in the country, in the world. The potential of our state should have been given. Policies had to be made. Today the law and order situation of Uttar Pradesh is an example before the country. Uttar Pradesh no longer has a choice and choose, now there are policies, where we do not limit any investment request to the office only, make the best use of technology, single window system, MOU monitoring system, Udyami Mitra or online By motivation. monitoring system, there must be a system to send the motivation of each investment online, that is, the work is done in the direction of the general zero for the use of people. Today its results are in front of everyone.

The results of the changes made in the state are in front of everyone.

Referring to the timeline of development in the state, CM Yogi said that at one time there was a concern in front of us despite the Prime Minister implementing various programs of the social welfare in the country in the last 9 years, millions of people used to meet in Sitapur, Hardoi, there is no place to stay nearby. They were forced to live in thatched huts, without toilets. These are the things that used to show that if there is an example of darkness under the lamp, these are the areas that have not been developed. But today the state is progressing with strength, whether it is the Purvanchal Expressway, Bundelkhand Expressway, the speed with which the work on the Ganga Expressway was started, the speed of the air link , the way there are business organizations The work of empowerment. major projects have been completed, after the continuation of the program without discrimination in the supply of electricity and after given open space in all industries, the changes made from time to time in Uttar Pradesh have resulted in investment and everyone should see it. job creation.

Investors are assured of safe and successful investment

On this occasion, the CM also appealed to all members of the public and Janardan of Hardoi. According to him, if we give our contribution to encourage these kinds of funds that exist, it means that there are many opportunities to move forward. Through that, it provides a platform to expand employment opportunities for thousands of people directly and indirectly. This is an opportunity before us if we can better utilize the potential of our region, save our brains from being wasted and use them for the development of the region, Sandila will be an example of this . For some time now we have seen in Sandila, especially after Berger Paints, there are various units like Varun Beverages (Pepsi), ITC, Green Ply, Haldiram, Weebly Scott, Austin Ply, Pidilite , we are in the process of submitting. land I assure all the investors who are doing business that the government of Uttar Pradesh guarantees the safety of all the investments they have made in Uttar Pradesh. The government will contribute to the growth of your business not only with safe but successful investments. Industries Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi, Development and Development Commissioner Manoj Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary Development Narendra Bhushan, Advisor to Chief Minister Avnish Awasthi and UPCIDA CEO Mayur Maheshwari along with senior management of Berger Paints also participated in the ceremony.

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6520 crore investment in Hardoi

Investments were received in all regions and districts of the state through the Global Investors Summit, but the MoU has been signed for the investment of 6520 crores and the creation of more than 23211 jobs in Hardoi district. . Of these, an investment of Rs 1380 crore is planned in food production, Rs 1142 crore in manufacturing, Rs 932 crore in wood production, Rs 800 crore in distillery, Rs 581 crore in biofuel. In the past years, direct and indirect jobs to more than 8000 people were created by the government of Yogi with an investment of more than 4000 crores in the Sandila industry of Hardoi district.

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