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Population data released by the National Bureau of Statistics/AFP Photo

China’s population is shrinking for the first time in 6 decades despite the end of the one-child-per-family rule.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2022 China’s population will decline for the first time since 1961.

In 2022, China’s population will be 1.41 billion with a decrease of 850 thousand people.

Last year, 9,560,000 children were born in China, and 14,000,000 more citizens died.

Cai Fang, deputy chairman of the National People’s Congress Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said in the release of data on the population of China in 2022, ahead of expectations.

He said, according to the experts, our country is entering the era of bad population.

The Chinese government has been encouraging more births for years to prevent a sudden crisis from an aging population.

For this purpose, it was also announced that different benefits would be given to couples when they have more children.

But as a result of many years of the one child rule, couples are no longer willing to have many children.

According to the Bureau of Statistics of China, the labor force is more than the demand and people do not need to worry about the population decline.

According to an estimate, in 2023, India will become the most populous country in the world, replacing China.

China recorded a drop in births of more than 1 million last year compared to 2021.

Likewise, 2022 recorded the highest death toll since 1976.

According to the Ministry of Statistics, 65.22 percent of the country’s population lived in cities last year, and this figure will be 64.72 percent in 2021.


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