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Black Panther Killed

  • Forestry crime: The money that the defendant got from hunting animals, there are many revelations that are happening

Deori, The 5 defendants arrested by the Ministry of Forestry on February 26 revealed that they were looking for an unusual black animal other than animals such as bears, leopards and others. The three accused, Shyamlal Madavi, Divaru Kolhare and Ashok Gote, have been sent to Bhandara jail in custody till March 15 by the court. Of these two accused, Manik Taram and Ravindra Bodgewar are being interviewed thoroughly. The Tiger Project Navegaon Nagjhira, Narendra Sawant and other officers are investigating. Forest offenses were registered against the five accused under the Protection of Forestry Act.

According to the information obtained in the study, evidence was also found related to the hunting of the black panther. At this time, the Police and Forestry Office suspect that the cash received by the accused may not come from the sale of alcohol but from the sale of group of wild animals. The Chichgad forest department and the police seized the wild animals by raiding on February 26 at Palandur in Deori tehsil. On the other hand, the forest department was successful in arresting four more accused from Mangejri on the same day. Parts of wild animals have been recovered from them in large quantities. During the search of the house of Ravindra Laxman Bodgewar, the claws of the tiger and the teeth and the heart of the bear, Rs 21 lakh in cash and Rs 84 thousand. The country’s wife was kidnapped. After that, four accused were arrested by attacking Mangejri. It included Shamlal Vik Madavi, Divaru Kolhare, Manik Darsu Taram, Ashok Gote, all Mangejri characters.

One of the accused surrendered to the Naxalite

Police said one of the accused, Manik Darsu Taram, is a surrendered Naxalite. Of these accused, 2 teeth of a tiger or leopard, 1 nail, 3 nails of a bear, 10 teeth of a wild boar, 1 horn of a chital, thorn of a thorn, hollow cat hair, wire rope, 1 Live peacock, peacock 5 bundles. feathers, wild buffalo horns, dry bones, padi blood (skin), dried meat were recovered.

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