“BJP has no place to hide when it starts remembering what PM Modi said against the opposition”, the Congress responded.SUCHI News

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Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said the prime minister mocked the opposition and referred to Indian politics in places like Shanghai, California, Toronto, Seoul and Abu Dhabi.

Photo: IANS
Photo: IANS

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Taking a dig at the BJP, Congress leader Supriya Shrinate said that Rahul Gandhi only talked about strengthening democracy. Congress leader Supriya Shrinate said in a press conference on Saturday that those who are crying for foreign countries, please tell about Prime Minister Modi’s speech in China, they do not know whether the sins he committed in his previous birth, how can he raise the head of the country. born in India?

He said that Rahul Gandhi said in Cambridge that the two different ways of the United States and China since the Second World War and also focused on the topics of importance for global discussions. When they discuss the role of India and democracy in the conflict between America and China in an institution like the University of Cambridge … they increase the importance of India.

According to the spokesperson of the Congress, Rahul Gandhiji said in Cambridge – the democratic countries of the world should increase production so that people get jobs and increase their income. This makes sense because economic inequality is increasing, with only 1% of the people having access to 40% of the resources. What can be the objection to this?

Attacking the BJP, Supriya Shrinate said that when the soldiers were martyred in Pulwama, we canceled all our programmes. While Amit Shah was holding an election campaign and the Prime Minister-elect of the country was shooting with Bear Grylls for Man vs Wild at Jim Corbett Park.

At the same time in response to the BJP’s accusation of insulting India, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said that the Prime Minister mocked the opposition and referred to the politics of India in places like Shanghai, California, Toronto, Seoul and Abu Dhabi.

He said, if we start remembering those statements of the Prime Minister against the opposition, the BJP will have nowhere to hide. If they listen to Rahul Gandhi’s hour-long speech, they will understand that he talked about democracy. When he said that India is an asset in the world of democracy, he is talking about you and our democracy. He is talking about India emerging as a major power between the two superpowers of America and China.

Rahul Gandhi, during his week-long visit to the UK, addressed a session on Big Data and Democracy and India-China relations at the University of Cambridge. This is why the ruling party BJP continues to make accusations of destroying India on foreign soil. to which the Congress gave a suitable answer today.

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