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FIFA World Cup 2022 started beautifully, Ghanem Al Muftah and Morgan Freeman touched hearts by opening with beautiful words.

There was a Hollywood star on one side and a young Qatari icon on the other, and Quranic verses were echoing in the air, which cast its spell on all listeners and viewers. the world. .

For the first time, who received the honor of recitation at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup is Ghanim al-Muftah, who is a famous Qatari YouTuber and Hafiz Quran reciter.

Ghanim al-Muftah came into this world on May 5, 2002 with a disease that stopped the growth of the lower part of the spine, but he and his mother were determined not to give up and started the life that God gave them.

When he wanted to go to school for education, he was rejected, when he was adopted by a school, the children there could not accept him and started living far away, he also became a businessman .

He is the owner of the famous ice cream company but with the support of his family he also founded the charity organization Alghanam Foundation which provides wheelchairs to disabled people all over the world.

Ghanem has never been defeated by disability, he has shown talent in diving 200 meters in the sea as well as playing football with gloves at school.

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is the FIFA World Cup ambassador alongside Ghanim al-Muftah.

The American Morgan Freeman also attended the FIFA ceremony, who sat on the ground of the stage and spoke to Ghanem al-Muftah and asked him if many countries can live together , cultures and races of the world?

So Ghanem said, while reciting the Bible, Allah has given a special lesson about monotheism and equality.

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