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Fraudsters took their own loans by submitting fake KYC documents
The public bank filed a complaint at the Barabazar police station
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Kolkata : These days a gang of fraudsters is operating in the city by issuing documents and making loans from the bank. Especially the area of ​​Barabazar, known as the financial center of the city, did not remain unaffected by this. A few days ago, a group of fraudsters defrauded a Barabazar government bank to the tune of Rs 2.09 crore by taking a personal loan. The situation is now that the bank and the police are having trouble finding the accused. Early last November, a complaint of bank fraud of Rs 2.12 crore was registered on behalf of a private bank at the Hare Street police station in the city. In investigating this case, the police found that personal loans were made in the name of many doctors, government employees and other people, by keeping fake documents in the bank. In addition, after the loan was made, the accused did not pay it back. During the investigation of this case, the police arrested 9 people including the employee of the Gun and Shell Factory. The police believe that this fraud was carried out by a large organized gang. It was also shown in this situation that the employees of the bank may be affected. Investigations into this matter are not yet complete. In such a situation, a case of similar fraud has arisen in banks in the city. This time a government bank in Barabazar was cheated of Rs 2.09 crore. A complaint was filed on behalf of the bank at the Barabazar police station regarding the incident. The police have registered a case of defrauding some people on the bank’s claim. There are also many women involved in these things.
what is the whole thing
According to the police, a few days ago a bank complaint of Rs 2.09 crore was filed against several customers by the Public Bank Authority located at MG Road, Barabazar. . The bank said in its complaint that, in the year 2021, different people applied for personal loans to the bank by saying they were government employees. There are also many women who are included in the accused. Posing as employees of various government departments, their fake Aadhaar card, PAN card and other documents were deposited in the bank. In addition, the defendants were also given salary slips and bank statements of various government departments. On the basis of the said document, in the year 2021, 30 people were given personal loans from Rs 4 to 6 lakh by the bank. It is alleged that after the loan was made, the accused did not pay the EMI of the loan. When the bank examined all the documents submitted by the accused for not paying the EMI of the loan, it was found that they were all fake. In addition, the people who took loans in their names found many poor women living in huts. According to the police, Nandrani Das, a resident of Tollygunge, and Kavita Jha, a resident of Joka, took loans of Rs 4 and 6 lakh in their names through pretending to be government employees. In addition, fake documents have also been deposited in his name in the bank. According to police records, the loans were made by issuing fake documents in the names of about 30 people in this way.
Fraudsters can have a relationship with bank employees
According to the police, all the loans were taken from the public bank of Barabazar within two to three months. In such a situation, it is clear that the fraudsters have done the fraud with completeness and manipulation. It is shown in this situation that the bank employees may be affected. The records stated that after the defendant reviewed the documents submitted by the defendant, it was found that the people who took loans through the pretending to be government employees, taking monthly payments from the private company to their bank accounts. That is why the loan was only given after taking the bank’s statement of 6 to 7 months. In any case, physical evidence or thorough verification of documents may not have been done by the bank. According to the information of the police, if the bank officials had carefully examined the documents, this fraud would have been discovered quickly. Meanwhile, the police from the Anti Bank Fraud Section of Kolkata Police and Barabazar are investigating the case.


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