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Nagpur. The mother and her son who went for a walk under the Kalamna police station, were attacked by 4 people in a dispute over a minor issue. According to information, Asha Rajesh Sirsath (37), a resident of Juni Kamathi Road, Vaishnavdevinagar, was walking near the house with her 16-year-old son Chiranjeev alias Chintu at around 9.30 p.m. At this time, both of them were passing in front of Gulshan’s house.

Gulshan and Chintu know each other. Gulshan was talking on the mobile phone and did not notice that Chintu and her mother were passing by. At this, Asha tells Gulshan that you are too old, why don’t you speak. This caused his mercury to rise and he began to abuse her. Soon a fight started between them. Gulshan’s mother also joined the dispute.

Nilesh and Rahul also arrived standing nearby. Meanwhile, Gulshan hits Chintu’s head with a piece of floor, injuring her badly. On the other hand, Gulshan’s mother threw stones at Asha and injured her. Nilesh and Rahul were also involved in the whole controversy. They all ran away after the incident. After the Police registered a case against the four defendants, the Police began searching for the defendant.

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