Anubrat’s daughter appears at ED office in Delhi, possibility of face-to-face questioning of Sehgal-SakniaSUCHI News

Anubrat’s daughter appears at ED office in Delhi, possibility of face-to-face questioning of Sehgal-Saknia

Puber Pen, Web Desk: At the end of the speculation, Anwaratha’s daughter Sukanya Mandal appeared at the ED’s office in Delhi. Sukanya was seen wearing a black mask on her face. He reached the ED office around 10 am with all the documents. The questioning is expected to continue into the afternoon. ED summons Suknia to Delhi for questioning in cow smuggling case.

Meanwhile, Anubrat Mandal’s former bodyguard Segal Hussain is in ED custody in Delhi. According to ED sources, after Sukanya Mondal is questioned separately, Sehgal may be questioned first. Segal was given a medical checkup before being brought to the ED office.

The ED officer investigating the cow smuggling case in Bengal is also based at the Delhi headquarters. He is also likely to stay during the interrogation. While investigating the cow smuggling case, the ED also found the huge property of Anwaratha Mandal’s daughter. Officials of the central agency want to know where the primary school teacher Skanya got such a huge amount of money. Investigators suspect that the proceeds from cow smuggling were invested in various businesses by Suknia.

A few days ago, the ED submitted a list of names they want to question before Sehgul Hussain in Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court.

Sukanya’s name was also in the list. Apart from this, ED has also summoned Sehgal’s mother, wife and brother-in-law to Delhi.

Suknia was summoned by the ED to Delhi for questioning on October 27. He informed the ED that he could not attend as he was abroad for his girlfriend’s treatment. Later Suknia was emailed and again called to Delhi on November 2.

There were speculations that Suknia might skip the show this time too. But Anwarata’s daughter appeared on Wednesday morning.

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