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Kolkata : The police have now arrested one more person in the case of fraudulent payment in the name of getting a job. The event was part of Dalhousie under Hare Street. The name of the accused is Mahadev Sav. When he appeared in court on Saturday, the defendant was placed under police custody until March 14. According to information, a few days ago a person filed a claim that, in the name of getting a job at the bank, the fraudsters took $15,000. Later he was given a fake appointment letter. After receiving the fake appointment letter, the youth filed a complaint at the police station. During the investigation of this case, the police initially arrested 4 people. He was released from court. During the investigation, the police found that the accused cheated unemployed youths of Rs 2 crore in the name of getting jobs in Group C, Group D and Bank. The police are currently investigating the matter by questioning the accused.


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