Another example is the attack on the media, said bodies of journalistsSUCHI News

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“Branding such a program as news shows the ignorance of the professional methods used by news organizations to protect the identity of victims of sexual violence,” they said, adding , “There are ways and bases to raise complaints against any news in a law. system.” Journalists noted that the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan clarified in the Assembly that the police are looking into a complaint against the news in question.

“The attack on media offices is illegal and should be considered as an attack on the freedom of the media. We hope that the Kerala government will take strong action against those who attacked. Asianet,” they said.

“We condemn the efforts of some politicians, organizations and social movements in Kerala to create media phobia by labeling news as fake if they disagree with it,” they said, and added, “The damage or destruction of the media is often protected interests.”


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