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After the resignation of the superintendent of schools, instead of filling the vacancy by appointing the highest senior official, it is different According to the education department, his knowledge is difficult to understand and explain. It must be explained how the government can give the charge to a person who has no connection and has no experience and connection in matters of education. Isn’t it a joke that the person who has been appointed to the important position of a Physical Education and sports teacher as an Additional Director in the Nizamat Education is recommended to be appointed temporarily to the position of maybe. questioning the priority of time and interest in the education sector, there is also a wave of concern among the administration officials, those from the administration and assigned to the education system, apart from to all of them, why. did the government choose a person who was not suitable for the position in any way? The fact is that the job description and service structure of other leaders are very different from the management’s instructions and there are decisions of the Four. The Supreme Court in accordance with this situation has given a clear order to the government that only the honor of the people. The administrators should be appointed to administrative positions, there is hope that the government will make decisions in the right direction and considering these facts, if such an appointment was made during the political period, there is the opportunity to connect. political interest or political responsibility, but this time, there is an interim government in the province, which has limited powers, its responsibility is to manage the proper administration of the province until when the election is held. Blaming the interim government for the biased decision and such a surprise appointment. Recommendation of the appointment to the Ministry of Education on the basis of competence Many bad practices can be extinguished and educational issues can be managed in a good way that is not possible if the appointments are absent. .

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