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A journalist has made shocking revelations about former ISI chief Faiz Hameed and says the government has decided to arrest the former ISI chief. Faiz Hameed on serious charges including corruption, terrorism, political interference and sedition.

In his vlog, Asad Ali Toor said that the authorities have collected evidence against him and the final decision to arrest the former master will be made soon. General Faiz is accused of financing and promoting terrorism by the Pakistani Taliban and is directly involved in destroying the current economy, security, and political instability of the country. country.

He is the main supporter of Imran Khan in the foundation and even today he is very popular in the political circles. Asad Toor revealed that Faiz was not the only one and he made the Bajwa doctrine in the country. The senior journalist said that the former director general of the ISI did all the wrong things because he wanted to be the commander of the army.

Along with Faiz Hameed, Gen (r) Qamar Javed, Bajwa should also be charged, but now the Muslim League-N is not even mentioning the name of Qamar Javed Bajwa in this story. Regarding the corruption charges against Faiz Hameed, Ansar Abbasi also wrote that the owners of a housing society in Islamabad were picked up using ISI and Rangers personnel.

Faiz Hameed allegedly tried to convert this commercial society in his brother’s name with a woman. When they refused, an FIR was filed against him and he was tortured for several days. And surprisingly it all happened in Islamabad and the interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar, could not do anything.

The matter has been taken before the Supreme Court but without success. Similarly, the money sellers have been kidnapped. Also, there are reports of communication in Sindh that is doing a great job. People were picked up and released after a large amount of money was found. The author also mentioned that the program files of the houses were monitored and the people doing shady business were used for such popular practices.

Reports of the involvement of ISI agents in negotiations with pirates have been circulating. Those negotiators kept their shares in the millions. Asad Toor further stated that Col Liaquat was picked up from Islamabad Airport a few days ago while he was on his way to UK with his family and asked how the ISI colonel got the resources to raise his family in Britain.

Also, reports have added that the long march of March 25 had the support of Faiz Hameed. The person caught recording the audio from the Prime Minister’s House was also in touch with him.

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