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Web Desk: The Alibaba Group’s online website Daraz donated millions of dollars for the rehabilitation of those affected by the terrible floods in Pakistan last year.

According to information, the Alibaba Group and the largest Asian online shopping website Daraz donated 320,000 US dollars for the rehabilitation and development of Pakistani victims of floods. Daraz Pakistan’s Chinese parent company, Alibaba, has donated the money to the global charity, The Citizen Foundation.

Since 1995, the Citizen Foundation has been working to provide equal education to the poor and needy. With this grant, a school will be built for 180 children in Badin district of Sindh where they will be able to learn and this process will continue for the next 5 years. Daraz Pakistan will guide and monitor the Citizen Foundation in this project every month.

Ehsan Saya, managing director of Daraz Pakistan, said that the country has experienced many natural disasters in history, which have affected many people, please do your part in rehabilitating the people affected by the floods in as much as possible, Daraz Pakistan is still fighting for the development and prosperity of Pakistan and now the people who are suffering need help, we are a part of Alibaba Group. Proud of the doing our part in the rehabilitation of flood victims, education is very important. important for the recovery, success and development of society and we strongly believe that together with the Citizen Foundation, we can improve people’s lives. Success in change is certain.

The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan said, “I am very happy that Alibaba Group has donated millions of dollars for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the people affected by the floods in Pakistan, and it is a good thing.” it can be used to help the rural districts of the country. Sindh like Badin.” A school will be built for education, I am especially grateful to the Citizen Foundation for joining us in this noble work.

It should be noted that Daraz is one of the largest online sites in South Asia that was created in 2015. There are commercial sites in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. A market of more than 500 million people, the transfer of money and goods is easily available with facilities such as Daraz Express and Daraz Pay. Daraz aims to be the largest website in Asia with 50 million users by 2030.

It should be noted that China has so far provided aid of 260 million US dollars for flood victims in Pakistan.


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