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Parse: seek time to submit documents, the Supreme Court gave only one week to the government

Nagpur. Rajesh Murkute filed a complaint against Ajit Parse on 11 October 2022 at the Kotwali police station after he was misled in the name of getting government approval to start a Homeopathy College and Yash Global Trade Link. Even after registering a complaint related to this fraud, the police did not stop it. Now to avoid arrest, Parse has filed an application for interim bail in the Supreme Court. During the consideration of the request, the public prosecutor who appeared for the government asked for time to submit the documents, then the trial was allowed for a week. one in the kingdom. It is important to mention that the last time the court gave an order to the detective, to interrogate Parse in the hospital itself and do Have a video if he is in good health.

cooperation with the investigation

The investigating agency said Parse was given a list of questions to answer. He gave answers but not all of them were clear. Even Parse is not cooperating in the investigation. The last time the detective told him he went to Treat-Me Hospital but Parse was not cooperating. Although he only had pain in his leg and stomach. Even after this, he does not answer the questions asked. After the fact given by the detective, the court ordered the preparation of a list of questions and submitted to the plaintiff. After receiving the list of questions, Parse was instructed to file his answers in the next review. The court said in the order that the list of questions should be given to the applicant or his lawyer.

Most of the documents were received from the office

The court made it clear in the order that whoever manages the Orange City Hospital, must allow the investigating agency to submit the list of questions to Parse. If the applicant’s condition is normal, the attending physician must also authorize the investigation agency involved to conduct an investigation at the hospital itself. In the order, the court said that detailed and specific information about the treatment should be given in the statement. Along with this, in terms of future treatment, it should also be shown. In the government’s strong opposition to the request for bail, the government said it inspected Parse’s office after receiving the complaint, which found many incriminating documents.

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