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This time is not only Kali Puja, the stone idol of the mother will also be seen inside the temple.
There is no change in traditional religion
Naihati : This year, the worship of Baro Kali Maa of Naihati on Rishi Arvind Road near Naihati Station will be centenary in Kali Puja and along with this, the Pooja Committee will prepare many sites here for the use of visitors. In the hundred years of worship, where the great temple of Bado Maa will be prepared before worship, worshipers will now be able to see the permanent idol of Maa in the temple itself. Please tell here that every year a big clay idol of Bado Kali Maa is made right in front of the temple and on the day of Kalipuja, traditional worship of Maa Kali is done here. Lakhs of devotees come here to participate in the puja. Tapas Bhattacharya, secretary of Baro Kali Maa Puja Committee, said that this year is the centenary of Puja, which is a big event for us. This is why we have chosen this year for many new beginnings. Along with the construction of a large temple of the mother, a four and a half foot idol of the mother made of solid stone will also be installed on the stone altar after the traditional worship. The idol is made by the famous sculptor Dharmendra Paswan of Rajasthan. The total height of 7 feet was retained. Along with the temple, a Dharamshala is also being built by the committee where arrangements will be made for the accommodation of the devotees. Along with this, we will also make arrangements for the service of elderly and helpless elderly for their accommodation, food and medical treatment in a part of the temple itself. He said that there will be no change in the tradition of building and worshiping the 21 idols of Maa on the day of Kali Puja. That tradition will be followed as it has been for many years. He said, for the construction of this temple, Dharamshala, not only the state but devotees from many other states and even abroad have given financial assistance, by adding that we can do this. He said that this work will be completed before Durga Puja this year itself so that from this year devotees from far away can get the house to stay here. Please mention here that Bado Kali Maa is believed to fulfill people’s needs. It is seen that every year the number of devotees is increasing here.


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