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88-year-old man fighting with MPI over medical suspension of driving license

What began as a simple mistake of address has led to a nearly year-long battle over a medical license suspension for an 88-year-old man – a fear that may have more to do with his age than his health.

In September 2021, Aurel Hebert, a resident of St Pierre-Jollis, went to the hospital to visit his daughter. He first left for the health center in Hamiota, but when he arrived he was told he had to go to Hartney’s hospital.

Hebert said that someone told Manitoba Public Insurance about his mistake and immediately after receiving a letter from the public insurer he was told that his ‘medical condition’ was impairing his ability to drive and that his license was suspended. being done.

“I am 88 years old and in good health,” Hebert told CTV News.

He said he’s been driving since he was 16 – over 70 years old and didn’t have any trouble on the road. He says that his driving record for the last five years is clean.

“There is no speeding ticket, no faulty move,” he said.

He has been tinkering with the MPI for almost a year, trying to get his license reinstated, which includes a medical exam.

“He had the doctor’s full record, as far as I’m concerned, I got a copy of it, and it was 100 percent.”

Apart from this, he has to undergo eye test, computer test, appear before the Appeal Review Committee and conduct two separate road tests, he said.

He says he has completed them all, but still no license.

“It’s going on and it may be January, February, March, April, May, and six months before the last time they said they got your answer,” he said. “Now they’re telling me that I had to go for another test… I say that’s ridiculous.”

Overall, there were 2,907 medical license suspensions in 2020/21 and 3,141 medical suspensions in 2021/22, according to MPI data.

In a statement to CTV News, Crown Corporation said that a driver’s license may be suspended due to a medical condition or incident that could pose a safety risk to the person or others on the road. It said this could include episodic or persistent impairment as well as failing to provide necessary medical reports or follow-up.

However, the main reason Hebert loses his license is fear because of his age.

Michelle Porter, director of the University of Manitoba Center on Aging, said there are many reasons for licensure medical suspension, but age alone is not one of them.

“Age should never be used as the sole factor to determine whether one should drive or not – it would actually be against the law.” “It should all be about the person’s ability to function and be able to do as a driver. All the things that you need to do in this complex task.”

Hebert said he is still looking for answers as to why his license was suspended, and why it took so long to get it back. But in the meantime, he said costs were starting to mount, estimating that he spent more than $500 on paperwork, appointments, tests and exams.

“Another one and another one… I say this is going crazy,” he told CTV News.

MPI told CTV News that there is no timeline on how long the license can be suspended, but adds that people whose license is suspended must supply the necessary medical information before it can be reinstated. Must meet any applicable assessments.

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